Position ATER section CNU 31 at 01/09/2023 the University of Haute-Alsace on the site of Mulhouse

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The person recruited will join the team of the Risk Management and Environment Laboratory (LGRE) which develops research on the phenomena involved in gaseous and particulate emissions from combustion processes as well as on the associated capture processes. Depending on his/her profile, he/she will be involved in ongoing research projects concerning the experimental characterization of effluents generated by biomass combustion, the development of innovative treatment processes or the modeling/simulation of processes in order to predict the behavior of materials and optimize combustion and pollutant capture processes.

The person recruited will teach at ENSCMu. He/she will join the teaching team in charge of practical chemistry-physics work, in the field of electrochemistry, thermodynamics or photochemistry, depending on the candidate’s profile.