Call for collaborative projects 2023

The call for projects 2023 of the GDR SUIE aims to consolidate existing collaborations (collaborative projects), to fund contacts for future collaborations (exploratory projects), to fund access to common means of analysis or calculation (projects measurement/calculation campaigns) and / or to co-finance the participation of doctoral students in scientific events (event projects) in order to present their work in connection with the themes of the GDR SUIE All funded projects must include at least one team of the GDR SUIE.

The financial support of the GDR is dedicated to the support of operating costs (missions, fluids, small equipment, publication costs, access to analysis or calculation centers…), up to a maximum of 800 €.

The projects will be evaluated by the GDR steering committee as soon as they are received “as they come in”, until the dedicated financial envelope is exhausted. It is requested to send by email to (in pdf format), a page describing the scientific project, the interest of possible collaborations, a justification of the amount requested as well as the description of the teams involved, specifying if they are PhD students/post-doctoral fellows or not, according to the format below.

Attention is drawn to the fact that in case of funding, the project leader must commit himself to present the project and its first results during at least one of the events organized by the GDR SUIE (plenary meeting or thematic workshop). The project leader also commits that the productions resulting from the project mention the support of the GDR SUIE with a sentence such as “This work has been done in the framework of the GDR CNRS 3622 (GDR SUIE)“.